7 Tips and Tricks for the AFOQT Test Prep

7 Tips and Tricks for the AFOQT Test Prep

7 Tips and Tricks for the AFOQT Test Prep

1.    Find the right study tool like mobile applications. Books are good, but most of the books in the market are very old and full of unnecessary information. AFOQT Tutoring mobile application is one of the best applications for the AFOQT Test prep. This app has a lot of practice problems and prediction tests that help you to study and determine if you are ready to take the AFOQT test or not.

2.    Set up a study plan. The AFOQT is a multiple-choice test that consists of 12 subtests totaling 550 questions. Make sure you have a study plan to cover all different subsets.

3.    Get an experienced tutor. If you are not comfortable with the materials, get a tutor who can help you to make the study easier for you. It will save you a lot of time. Sometimes is hard to find a tutor who has experience with the AFOQT test prep. ASVAB Tutoring offers 1-on-1 tutoring services for the AFOQT test prep with students’ schedules. You can get a free consultation to see if you like it. They have very good ratings and a lot of recruiters recommend them.

4.    Track your progress. Identify what are the areas you need help the most and work accordingly.

5.    You cannot have a calculator during the test. Try to practice without using a calculator.

6.    Focus more on math and verbal section. It determines if you can become an officer or not.

7.    Finally, manage your time. Make sure you take the practice test with time. If you don’t manage your time, it will very hard to complete the whole test. Practice over and over again if you have weaknesses in certain areas.

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